Lack of human talent still a massive organizational challenge

Progress is being made, however. Fifty-two percent of global respondents said their organization has a formal upskilling (training) program, according to the 2022 global report from the DevOps Institute, Upskilling IT. In comparison, only 32% indicated that they had one in the institute’s 2021 research.

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Use ML to your advantage

7 May 2021|Reports

Many view machine learning (ML) as synonymous with artificial intelligence. In reality, machine learning is but a subset of AI, making the latter perform tasks faster and more intelligently by providing it with learning capabilities. 

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Why should you start using e-learning

5 Key Reasons Why eLearning Is Essenti And Not Overrated

eLearning has become one of the buzz words in training in the Learning and Development domain. It has been praised for its flexibility and cost-efficiency. It delivers what it promises. The article throws light on the key points that talks about how eLearning supports both an organization’s goals and learner’s development.

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